The Headless Woman Poster

A mysterious and intriguing tale of a woman who may have killed someone or something while driving on dirt road. Dazed and confused, she tries to piece together what happened, while her husband systematically tries to erase her tracks. From the acclaimed director of THE HOLY GIRL, Lucrecia Martel’s third feature explores the intricacies of class in a male dominated society. This official selection of the Cannes and New York Film Festival has been declared, “One of the great films of the decade” by Artforum Magazine and NY Times says, “The exacting formalism and beauty of THE HEADLESS WOMAN…is undeniable.”

  • Genre:Drama, Foreign, Thriller
  • Director:Lucrecia Martel
  • Cast:María Onetto, Claudia Cantero, Inés Efron, Daniel Genoud, César Bordón, Guillermo Arengo, María Vaner
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