Owl and the Sparrow Poster

In this award-winning fable that takes place on the bustling streets of contemporary Saigon, ten-year old Thuy is an orphan from the countryside who decides to run away from her stern uncle at the bamboo factory and try her luck in the big city. She meets a network of street kids and sells roses to tourists to survive, in turn meeting two lonely hearts: a beautiful flight attendant on a layover and a reserved zookeeper who is about to lose his beloved elephant. The scrappy young girl decides to pair up the two adults to form a makeshift family, but first she has to elude her uncle who is on her trail and the city authorities that want to put her in an orphanage.

  • Genre:Foreign, Drama
  • Director:Stephane Gauger
  • Cast:Pham Thi Han, Cat Ly, Le The Lu
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