Snow & Ashes Poster

Blaise Dumas(Rhys Coiro), war correspondent for Frontline Reporters, covers an armed confict in Eastern Europe. When he wakes from a temporary coma in his home town in Canada, Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friend’s disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone. A compelling human post-modern western tale that forces us to ponder and reflect on the unpredictable choices of life and on the strength of the media and the sacrifices that journalists must make for their craft.

  • Genre:Drama
  • Director:Charles-Olivier Michaud
  • Cast:Rhys Coiro, Marina Eva, Marianne Farley, Lina Roessler, Alex Kudrystky
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